New York Jazz Competition

Leading the Way in Online Music Competitions
For a long time the internet was the bane of the music industry, and for years it struggled to find effective ways to harness it. Upcoming musicians have particularly found it difficult to raise their profile in the digital age. The chances of creating a platform from where they can try to break into the industry have become smaller as the field becomes more crowded.

Jazz musicians from ANYWHERE in the world can showcase their talent and enter the contest, simply by submitting videos online. We have – seven – different categories to enter, so every musician is likely to find something to their taste. The judges will make the final selection of the winner, from a group of shortlisted candidates selected by combination of committee and popular vote **** Make sure you invite all your friends to vote… The Sky is the Limit ****
Since we have decided to take our festival completely online, the sky is the limit in terms of promotions, features, and functions we will be able to offer our community. Online concerts, remote recording capabilities and much more surprises are planned for future years as our community and program develops. The winner of the Made In New York Jazz Festival will see their musical career take off like a rocket ship. The winner will immediately pocket a large cash purse of $3000, plus 10% of the registration fees, which alone will give them enough capital to buy equipment, log some recording time, or just pay the bills while taking some time to work on new music. More important than any amount of money you will win is the international recognition. The winner will be flown to New York City to participate as a headline performer in the Made In New York Jazz Festival Concert, which will provide them huge exposure and open many doors. So if you are passionate about jazz, don’t miss the opportunity to make your voice heard in this first ever annual online jazz competition.


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